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New Heavy Duty Fueling Receptacle Makes Fast-Fill Faster for CNG Trucks and Buses

New Heavy Duty Fueling Receptacle Makes Fast-Fill Faster  for CNG Trucks and Buses - Truck Transportation - Parker Hannifin Many fleet owners are turning to alternative fuels to reduce their environmental footprint and decrease fueling costs. According to a 2016 Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking prepared by the American Transportation Research Institute, approximately 11 percent of those surveyed reported fleets using at least some alternative fuel vehicles – up 3 percent from the prior year. These vehicles ran on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), electric, hybrid, and propane fuels.


Natural gas winning the race for dominance

Of the alternative fuel options, natural gas (NG) seems to be winning the race for dominance. According to the Department of Energy’s 2015 Annual Energy Outlook analysis, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles are projected to become the largest consumers of CNG and LNG by 2040. But which form of natural gas is really in the driver’s seat?  According to Robert Carrick, vocational sales manager for natural gas at Freightliner, the answer is CNG.


“The trend definitely is more toward compressed natural gas. We estimate that more than 95% of the natural gas vehicles manufactured and delivered in 2015 were CNG.” 

Robert Carrick, vocational sales manager for natural gas, Freightliner


Critical to the growth of CNG vehicles is the question of how, when and where to fuel the vehicles. With more than 1,300 public and private natural gas stations operating in the U.S., fueling options are more robust than ever. Yet a fleet of natural gas delivery trucks needing fast refueling has different requirements than refuse trucks that can be refueled overnight.

That’s why our new Heavy Duty Fueling Receptacle is of widespread interest to fleets dependent on fast-fill fueling.


Faster fueling equals greater efficiency

Let’s face it: it’s only when a heavy-duty vehicle is moving that it’s making money. Which means that for those vehicles that operate closer to 24/7 rather than 8/7 – vehicles like delivery trucks, buses, even long haulers – the faster the fill rate, the greater the efficiency and the lower the operational cost. It’s a reality that’s driven an increasing focus on minimizing the amount of service time for CNG vehicles.


New Heavy Duty Fueling Receptacle Makes Fast-Fill Faster for CNG Trucks and Buses - CNG Heavy Duty Fueling Receptacle - Parker Hannifin

Responding to the need, our new Heavy Duty Fueling Receptacle is capable of flows upwards of 5,000 SCFM; standard NGV1 Receptacles are typically rated to less than 1,800 SCFM. The higher flow rate of our ISO 14469 certified receptacle reduces fill time for larger vehicles, getting them back on the road and into service more quickly.

The new Heavy Duty Fueling Receptacle has been built to last.  The product of Parker’s more than forty plus years of experience in CNG fueling applications, it offers superior quality and maximum reliability. Its hardened stainless steel body combines with a proprietary valve seal to prevent leakage and achieve rated service pressures up to 3,625 psi (250 Bar). The higher tank pressure will give you more stored CNG volume for greater range, according to a comment left on a Fuel Smarts article on truckinginfo.com.

Designed with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of different port end configurations, the Heavy Duty Receptacle is ideal for virtually any type of connection required for high-volume CNG filling. And it is MADE IN THE USA.

Contact Anthony Mistretta, Product Sales Manager, Quick Couplings Division, Parker Hannifin at 763-544-7781 or email Anthony.mistretta@parker.com to learn more about our new Heavy Duty Receptacle for CNG fast–fill applications, as well as our selection of receptacles designed for time-fill applications.


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Join Parker at booth 747 during ACT Expo on April 24 -25th, 2019 at the Long Beach Convention Center, California, to learn about our proven, multi-technology subsystems and components in fluid management, motion and fluid control and filtration. We have the largest offering of industry certified natural gas products. Our CNG solutions provide faster development, improved service life, reduced risk, and greater value.

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New Heavy Duty Fueling Receptacle Makes Fast-Fill Faster  for CNG Trucks and Buses - Doug Hopson, Product Design Engineer - Parker HannifinContributed by Doug Hopson, product design engineer, Quick Coupling Division, Parker Hannifin.





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