New Milestone Reached for Aircraft Inerting Systems

New MIlestone Reached for Aircraft Inerting Systems_Aircraft-in-Service_Parker Aerospace
Parker Aerospace’s Fluid Systems Division (FSD) achieved a significant milestone with its industry-leading fuel tank inerting technology and systems capability. The division now has inerting systems installed on over 11,000 commercial aircraft in service across 15 major aircraft platforms.


Commercial inerting systems

Since entering production on the Boeing 737, 757, 767, and 777 platforms in 2008, Parker’s inerting equipment has gone on to support the retrofit of the Boeing fleet as mandated by the FAA rule that kicked off the commercial aircraft inerting business in earnest. As a follow-on to the Boeing platforms, Parker won the air separation module (ASM) contract for the Airbus fleet of commercial aircraft, the A320, A330, and A340. Later, the A350 XWB was added to the mix, as were aircraft for Bombardier, Sukhoi, and COMAC.  

New MIlestone Reached for Aircraft Inerting Systems - Multiple inerting systems - Parker Aerospace

New Milestone Reached for Aircraft Inerting Systems - 170M proven flight hours - Parker AerospaceParker and its dedicated team have made it possible to reach these milestones over the last 10 years for Parker’s onboard inert gas generation systems (OBIGGS). This milestone also includes greater than 170,000,000 proven flight hours.


A fast-growing pedigree

New Milestone Reached for Aircraft Inerting Systems - 17000 systems within 5 years - Parker AerospaceParker’s installed commercial inerting systems are expected to grow to over 17,000 aircraft in the next five years, as current production continues and new platforms enter service.     

In 2017, Parker’s Fluid Systems Division was awarded the contract by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) to provide the inerting system on the ARJ-21 regional jet. FSD is already the inerting system integrator for COMAC’s C919 commercial aircraft.


New Milestone Reached for Aircraft Inerting Systems_Chengdu Airlines’ first ARJ21 (photo: COMAC)_Parker Aerospace








Chengdu Airlines’ first ARJ21 (photo: COMAC)


New Milestone Reached for Aircraft Inerting Systems - COMAC C919 first flight (Photos: Chen Cheng)_Parker Aerospace







COMAC C919 first flight (photo: Chen Cheng)


The future of aerospace fuel tank inerting

Additionally, the division is actively developing the next generation of aircraft inerting technology. While a leader in today’s membrane-based air separation module technology, the division is also pioneering new catalytic fuel tank inerting for aircraft. This version doesn’t require engine bleed air, as the current technology requires, and can expand aircraft fuel tank inerting to additional aircraft markets that don’t currently apply a fuel tank inerting system.


New Milestone Reached for Aircraft Inerting System_Fluid Systems Brochure_Parker Fluid Systems DivisionTo learn more about Parker Fuel Systems Division products, including fuel and inerting systems, download our brochure.







David BrockmanThis blog was contributed by David Brockman, business development manager, Fluid Systems Division of Parker Aerospace.




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