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Non-Spill Couplings Keep Construction, Forestry, Agriculture and Mining Moving

Non-Spill Couplings Keep Construction, Forestry, Agriculture and Mining Markets Moving Forestry Equipment Quick Coupling DivisionFor mobile machinery commonly used in the construction, agriculture, mining and forestry industries to work efficiently and safely, maintaining strong connections to the various equipment attachments is paramount. There simply isn’t time for productivity or connectivity problems on a job site where every minute matters.

Hard working excavators, tunnel boring, mining, oil field and forestry equipment typically use a variety of tool attachments that allow them to perform a variety of tasks, all necessary to get the job done quickly and safely. Some of these attachments require multiple connections to the hydraulic lines, depending on their individual function, like digging, scraping, scooping, grabbing, lifting, cutting or other movements.

At the job site, equipment tool attachments might be changed out several times in the process it takes to complete a project. Having the ability to quickly and efficiently swap out attachments saves the machine operator time and effort while also minimizing downtime.

Non-spill couplings for equipment attachments are key in a diverse range of markets like construction, agriculture, forestry and mining. From skid steers and excavators to feller bunchers and loaders to drill rigs, non-spill couplings enhance performance and safety in an environmentally responsible way.

Discovering the value of non-spill couplings

Non-Spill Couplings Keep Construction, Forestry, Agriculture and Mining Markets Moving Non-Spill couplings Quick Coupling DivisionThese industries are discovering that non-spill couplings reduce hydraulic system breakdowns caused by dirt and other contamination that’s common in harsh working environments.

Parker’s non-spill couplings virtually eliminate hydraulic fluid loss that can happen during disconnection, reduce the risk of contaminating ground and water and decrease exposure of equipment operators and maintenance personnel to potentially dangerous chemicals. These non-spill couplings also minimize the risk of introducing contaminants in the hydraulic fluid.

Our non-spill couplings utilize flush face valves as part of the technology to reduce leaks in demanding conditions in the construction, agriculture, mining and forestry markets where hydraulic lines are subjected to the stress of high-pressure impulses. With several non-spill coupling options, we also offer screw-to-connect couplings providing a secure connection that is resistant to loosening or disconnection caused by vibration.

Here is a summary of how our couplings benefit the various applications that rely on mobile equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely.


We understand the needs of farmers to simplify installation and equipment service. Our coupling solutions enable farmers to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, meet durability and safety needs and comply with industry regulations, so they can focus on their critical role in society.

Our quick connect couplings are designed with farmers in mind, providing solutions that are robust and performance-tested to keep up with the high degree of use needed on the farm.

With the widest selection of couplings on the market, we offer a wide range of quick couplings for almost every farming application. With extensive knowledge of the hydraulic and pneumatic needs of agricultural equipment and machines, Parker leads the globe in coupling technology and innovation.


We offer heavy duty quick couplings for all forestry applications, from heavy mobile equipment to small hand tools. These couplings allow the hydraulic lines between the equipment and the tool attachments to be quickly disconnected and reconnected without extensive downtime.

Our non-spill couplings can be used on feller-bunchers, forwarders and loaders equipment, including brush cutters, mulchers and log-splitters. Quick couplers for excavators and other heavy-duty equipment save time and improve efficiency by allowing operators to quickly and easily disconnect and reconnect hydraulic lines when switching out the tools or attachments.


Non-Spill Couplings Keep Construction, Forestry, Agriculture and Mining Markets Moving Skid Steer Quick Coupling DivisionOur non-spill couplings work well for skid steer attachments and compact tractors’ diggers, buckets and backhoes used in construction. Quick connect couplers allow loaders to use multiple attachments on a job site and allow users easily switch between attachments.

Loader attachments can be used on wheel loaders, tool carriers, telehandlers, skid steer and compact track loaders, and backhoe loaders. Hydraulic couplings can be used from within the cab, adding a safety benefit.


Whether it’s long haul, surface mining, or continuous mining (coal), controlling operating costs and maximizing performance and longevity under harsh conditions is an increasing challenge for the mining industry. Our quick couplings consistently deliver value and performance and increasingly flexible solutions for mining applications. No one knows surface or underground mining like our staff of innovative application and design engineers.

For equipment that works outside, specifying and installing non-spill couplings for equipment attachments is insurance against downtime and key in preventing the accidental introduction of toxic chemicals that can cause harm to the environment and cost a lot in cleanup time and money.

Cost of spills and contamination

Hydraulic fluid spills and contamination are a top priority for all these markets. The introduction of toxic, flammable material to the ground and water can cause harm to wildlife, fish, plants and drinking water. Spills often result in restricted work activities while job sites’ cleanup is complete.

The cost of fines and penalties, manpower, fuel, special equipment and the removal and containment of contaminated materials adds up to millions of dollars for individual companies and billions of dollars around the world.

Parker engineers have developed a deep understanding of the value of non-spill couplings for equipment attachments and designed products that pay off big time in the fight to keep the environment clean, people safe and equipment in tip-top operating condition.

The risk of wear-and-tear harm to equipment is greatly increased when contamination enters hydraulic systems. Known as “ingressed contamination,” dirt and water can enter a hydraulic system when a hose is disconnected or fluid is filled. Dirt can cause wear of hydraulic pump impellers, shafts, pistons and cylinders. Water can cause corrosion, dilute and alter the hydraulic fluid itself and lead to friction that creates damaging heat resulting in equipment failure and even fire.

Pump repairs and replacement are costly and waste time on the job where equipment uptime translates into more productivity and thus profitability.

Working hard in tough environments

Because they are employed in outdoor applications that present a wide range of conditions from weather and terrain to dust and water and extremes in heat and cold, workhorses such as skid steers, tractors, snow plows, backhoes and other equipment often require servicing in challenging situations.

Non-spill couplings for equipment attachments have proved to be invaluable. Our high-end products feature corrosion-resistant zinc-nickel plating on push-to-connect couplings that can be connected or disconnected with one hand. Attachment and detachment are quick and easy. No tools are required.

The locking mechanism and critical sealing areas are protected by flush-face valving. Non-spill couplings for equipment attachments’ connections between hoses, pumps and pistons remain cleaner. They are easily cleaned should debris accumulate.

Slim design, heavy-duty durability

Non-spill couplings from Parker’s Quick Couplings Division feature a slim design and profiles with a 90-degree option that allows for connection in tight spaces. The 90-degree couplings eliminate the need for additional fittings and reduce the number of potential leak points. They also present great safety advantages for operators and maintenance personnel as they can be connected and disconnected within an arm’s reach and require no tools.

Learn more about the features, benefits and impact of Parker's non-spill quick connect couplings.


Non-Spill Couplings Keep Construction, Forestry, Agriculture and Mining Markets Moving Lori Aus Quick Coupling DivisionContributed by Lori Aus, senior product sales manager, Quick Coupling Division, Parker Hannifin






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