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OnSite Containers for Support Efficiency in a Space-Saving Design

Parker Onsite Container for More Flexibility and Cost Savings - fluising Unit container - Parker Hannifin EMEAIn the fields of mobile technology and also in maritime and industrial applications, there is a rising demand for system solutions with the corresponding know-how, for the manufacture of pipe connecting systems. The machines and equipment being built by OEM customers are becoming ever larger and more powerful. With increased cost pressure on top of this, the themes of safety and space-saving designs take on more importance.

Parker's Complete Piping Solutions (CPS) concept offers design, manufacture, and assembly of a high-value pipe connecting systems, all from one provider. CPS guarantees the user significantly more flexibility and clear cost savings from the manufacture of pipe connecting systems.


Exemplary customer service, module by module

Worldwide, Parker has several CPS centers, in which pipe connecting systems tailor-made for the customer are developed and produced under one roof. The CPS system is built up of modules, i.e. the customer can himself decide whether he will take delivery of a complete solution from piping concept through to on-site assembly, or instead avail himself only of individual services.


Comprehensive engineering knowledge 

Parker Onsite Container for More Flexibility and Cost Savings - Engineers working on design - Parker Hannifin

First, Parker systems engineers determine the customer’s exact requirement and then develop a tailor-made design. Then Parker specialists create the design using their decades-long project experience in various applications and pass on this valuable knowledge automatically into the new project.


Getting closer to the customer through worldwide manufacturing centres

When the customer has approved the design, pipes up to an outside diameter of 273 mm/10“ are made by cold-forming on CNC bending machines in the CPS centres. Here, in accordance with requirements, bend radii of 2 x D and 3 x D can be achieved. The finish-machined and cleaned pipes are then supplied via Parker central stores. If the customer requires, Parker’s specialists will also undertake on-site assembly and final acceptance.


OnSite service containers 

In industrial applications and also in shipbuilding and the on- and off-shore sectors, there are complex projects where pipe connectors are manufactured and finally assembled over a prolonged period. It is exactly for this sort of requirement that Parker is offering its new OnSite Service Containers. They contain all the assembly machines which are needed for the preparation of pipes from 6 to 60 mm diameter. On request, larger pipes with an outside diameter of up to 10“/273 mm can also be made. This container includes machines and all the fittings and flange systems offered by Parker, from EO-2 to high-performance flanges through to Parflange F37. All the assembly machines have precision tools so that from high batch quantities downwards, consistent assembly results are achieved.


Thorough cleaning is worth its weight in gold

A further new element in the Complete Piping Solutions system is Parker flushing units. Before the pipelines are connected to the main consumer after manufacture, they are cleaned by these units. This process avoids the lines becoming limited in their function by residues such as e.g. metal chips, or even the complete system coming to a standstill.

These units are certified containers for offshore use in accordance with Lloyds 20Ft DNV 2.7-1 CSC. Hydraulic mineral oil is used as the washing medium; it is led through the lines from a tank capacity of 6,000 l and an output of 3,000 l/min at a pressure of 75 bar (adjustable pressure). Parker wash units are tested for pressures up to 640 bar and are driven by a total of 6 electric motors at 400 V, 50 Hz or 480 V, 60 Hz.


Tailor-made solutions from modular designs

To summarise, the advantage of the Parker CPS system lies in its building-block concept. The customer can call up the performance portfolio which best suits their requirements, while profiting from the decades-long experience of expert Parker engineers, saving their own resources or having more flexibility in their use.


Onsite Containers for Support Efficience in a Space Saving DesignArticle provided by Ramiz Selimbasic, project manager piping, Parker Tube Fittings Division Europe





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