Optimizing Filtration of Bulk Biopharmaceutical Drugs

Optimizing Filtration of Bulk Biopharmaceutical Drugs_Filling Bottles on SciLog FD System_Parker Bioscience FiltrationIn bulk dispense operations, filtration can sometimes be treated as either a completely separate unit operation or in some systems as a bolt-on – an optional module that while performing this critical process step, hasn’t been truly optimized. This means that it may not work as efficiently or safely as it should, with consequences for product output, product safety and manufacturing capacity.

But what if bulk filtration and dispense could be optimized and delivered from one integrated system?


Introducing the SciLog® Filter and Dispense (FD) system

Parker Bioscience Filtration has more than 50 years of experience in designing and delivering filtration solutions. And working closely with the biopharmaceutical industry, we used our expertise to create a solution that could ensure that the filtration process step prior to bulk filling was fully integrated with the filling step in one closed, automated operation. In doing so, we have enabled biopharmaceutical manufacturers to benefit from an automated single-use system which helps them to minimize product loss and maximize yield, while saving resources on manual operations.

Optimizing Filtraiton of Bulk Biopharmaceutical Drugs_SciLog FD System_Parker Bioscience FiltrationThe SciLog® FD System allows the bulk filtration and dispense of biopharmaceutical products into either bags or bottles. It was designed and fully optimized with customer concerns in mind – for example, the FD system allows for ‘on-line’ integrity testing of both filters and manifolds through the use of Parker’s Scilog SciPres® Single-Use Pressure Sensors.

An automated, enclosed single-use system, it protects both the operator and the product: operators are not exposed to active biopharmaceutical compounds and the risk of contamination is minimized.


Advantages of the SciLog® FD system for the bulk filtration process

  • Integrated calibrated SciPres pressure sensors improve process control and ensure that validated limits are not exceeded. This prevents excessive differential pressure across the filter and protects the manifolds from over pressurisation through feedback obtained from the sensors.
  • Fully programmable alarms and interlocks help protect the product and the process, minimizing product losses.
  • Reverse flow and purge options maximize product recovery.
  • Built-in inline filter integrity testing provides assurance that the filtration has been effective prior to filling. This makes integrity testing more efficient while reducing the risk of batch contamination. A pressure leak test on the single-use manifold can also be conducted.
  • The manifolds used on the system are designed to minimize hold up volumes to extremely low levels.
  • The filtration process can take place via constant pressure or constant flow rate however the system can also maximize throughput via Parker’s patented R/P Stat method - an automated method for controlling normal flow filtration that can improve filter capacity by up to 30 percent.


Parker Bioscience Filtration can customize the manifolds used on the system using our own technologies and through an open architecture approach, this would allow us to design a manifold with any commercially available filter capsule included in it.


Optimize your processes

You can gain a greater understanding of The SciLog® FD system at the SciLog® suite at Parker Bioscience Filtration’s site at Birtley, UK.

You can undertake interactive demonstrations with The SciLog® FD System and run trials to determine how the equipment can be used to optimize your processes. This can also be carried out virtually through a video link.

To book into the SciLog® suite, contact us.

For detailed information on the SciLog FD system, please visit our web page.


Optimizing Filtration of Bulk Biopharmaceutical Drugs_David Heaney_Parker Bioscience FiltrationThis post was contributed by David Heaney, market development manager, Parker Bioscience Filtration, UK

Parker Bioscience Filtration specializes in automating and controlling bioprocesses. By integrating sensory and automation technology into a process, a manufacturer can control the fluid more effectively ensuring the quality of the final product.



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