Parker Aerospace Honored as a Finalist for the 2016 PMO of the Year Award

Parker Aerospace Honored as a Finalist for the 2016 PMO Product of the Year Award - PMO Award image - Parker Aerospace GroupThe Parker Aerospace Group’s firm commitment to program management excellence was validated when its Program Management Office (PMO) team was honored as one of three finalists out of 35 entries for the Project Management Institute’s prestigious 2016 PMO of the Year Award. The PMO Award is an international competition honoring a program management office that has demonstrated superior organizational project management abilities by adding value to its organization through its support of successful strategic initiatives.

Parker Aerospace, a manufacturer of parts and systems used on commercial and military aircraft worldwide, recognized change was necessary to ensure projects are completed not only to the satisfaction of their customers, but also in a way that ensures profitability. To accomplish this, Parker Aerospace took the following measures:

  • Established a PMO
  • Assembled a leadership council led by Barry Draskovich, group vice president of program and contract management to pilot the initiative
  • Deployed a standardized program management methodology, including earned value management 
  • Invested in professional development of key personnel  


Awareness of an issue

Making progress in a complex project is a challenging task under the best of circumstances. It is made even harder when the basic infrastructure that helps assure adherence to timelines, financial objectives and the overall project scope is immature. In 2010, Parker Aerospace realized this is exactly the level the company was at in its management of projects. As a solution, the group established a PMO to enact change. 

“The PMO gives Parker strategic advantage by putting tools, processes, and procedures in place that allow us to effectively understand where we are in the execution of our projects.”

Dave Conlon, director, program management office, Parker Aerospace Control Systems Division


Team of experts 

Parker assembled a program management leadership council (PMLC) to oversee the PMO. The council is comprised of leaders from each of Parker Aerospace’s seven operating divisions as well as representation from human resources, information technology, engineering, and lean product development departments to ensure diversity and expertise from multiple functional areas of the organization. The PMO is supported by 170 program managers, project managers, and project planning and control analysts from across the Parker Aerospace operating group.

“Parker Aerospace counts on its program management team to ensure that our business projects are executed smoothly and efficiently, in support of our customers’ requests. This standardized process has direct and significant impact on our business success and profitability.” 

Barry Draskovich, PMP, group vice president of program & contract management, Parker Aerospace


Parker Aerospace Honored as a Finalist for the 2016 PMO Product of the Year Award - Aerospace PMO Team Picture - Parker Aerospace Group

Pictured L to R: Roy Winstanley, Russ Kowalisyn, Tim Gardner, Kevin Dixon, Debbie Ray, Mark Langley (PMI President and CEO), Barry Draskovich, Kathy Bertoldi, Bob Deragisch, Dale Arnold, Dave Conlon, and Russell Stark. Not pictured: Merrilee Elliott and Tari Mercier


Standardized metrics 

Since its creation in 2010, the PMO has implemented strategic processes and procedures. Integral to the success of the initiative was the rollout of an earned value management (EVM) methodology to provide insights into the factors driving execution and profitability through data analysis. The EVM process delivers clarity to the standardized metrics to help assess the health of projects and programs, drive decision-making, and identify where corrective actions are necessary. 


Professional development 

The PMO team realized it needed the right people with the right skills. This meant requiring Project Management Institute (PMI) certification for key personnel to increase competency levels. Prior to the PMO, only 18% of project and program managers held a PMI certification. Today, that number stands at 100%.

“Our entire strategy revolves around people. Without people, you can have the best processes in the world, you can have the best tools in the world, but you’re not going to be able to get the job done.”

Barry Draskovich, PMP, group vice president of program & contract management, Parker Aerospace


Making a difference now and in the future

The investment in the PMO is making a difference. One Aerospace division saw a 92 percent reduction in cost overruns on its major development programs within one year. Parker Aerospace has also won significantly more new business since implementing the program in 2010. The team believes these successes are directly tied to its PMO initiatives. Parker Aerospace is confident that its PMO efforts will assure continued customer satisfaction and success for Parker Hannifin Corporation for years to come.

Watch this video produced by PMI, featuring Parker Aerospace as a finalist for the 2016 PMO of the Year Award:



Parker Aerospace Honored as a Finalist for the 2016 PMO Product of the Year AwardThis post was contributed by Bary Draskovich, group vice president of program & contract management, Parker Aerospace Group






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