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Parker Chomerics Delivers Hope and Builds 1,000+ Bicycles for Charity

Bikes for Kids Jim BradleyAs the days get shorter and fall gives way to winter, Jim Bradley knows it’s time to reach for his trusty socket set and get to work. The annual Bikes for Kids charity is nearly upon him, and Bradley, a 32 year veteran of Parker Chomerics, has been instrumental in spearheading the fundraiser for the past five years.

Bikes for Kids solicits generous donations from Chomerics employees and their families and builds and delivers bicycles to the Toys for Tots, a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to less fortunate children, allowing them to share in the magic of the holidays.

“Oftentimes, these are first-time bicycle riders who have dreamed of their first bike. There’s nothing better than seeing the face of a child who has been given the freedom to ride,” explains Bradley.

And this year, there’s truly something else to celebrate. Right on the heels of his retirement at the end of the year, Bradley and the Parker Chomerics Bikes for Kids program have surpassed 1,000 built and donated bikes over the past five years.

“It is truly an astounding accomplishment and we’re so happy to be able to give a child the thrill of receiving a brand new bike,” said David Hill, global general manager of Parker Chomerics. “I cannot thank Jim enough for his 32 years at Parker Chomerics and his tireless efforts managing Bikes for Kids. He’s going to be a hard guy to replace,” he added.

For Bradley’s sake, he’s excited to be able to spend more time with his grown children and grandchildren in retirement. “Something tells me I might not be done with Bikes for Kids in the future,” he hinted.

Every Parker location is focused on local community support and fundraising activities. In addition to donations, many employees also volunteer their time; dedicating countless hours in support of organizations that appeal to a personal connection.

Company sponsored fundraising drives include everything from holiday gifts, coats and backpack collections; to funds for education, the arts, medical research, community support organizations, and much more.


Jarrod Cohen


This blog was contributed by Jarrod Cohen, marketing communications manager, Parker Chomerics Division.





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