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Replacement of Air Conditioning Hoses Made Simple

Replacement of Air Conditioning Hoses Made Simple Excavator Hose Products DivisionAir conditioning lines are one of the most critical components in an A/C system. They work as the central hub to deliver both gas and liquid refrigerant throughout the system. For a variety of reasons, A/C lines can fail over time causing costly replacements and lengthy lead-times for the end user. All vehicles can experience some leakage through seals and hose crimps, but as vehicles age, seepage increases. Repairing leaks is crucial since low refrigerant fluid levels prevent an A/C system's compressor from turning on.

Leaks can be easily detected by spraying hoses and couplings with soapy water and using the bubbles to pinpoint leaks. Often end-users are faced with the challenge of needing a high-quality replacement part that can be assembled quickly in the field. They may need a product which solves difficult applications like tight routings, or one that eliminates the need for crimping machines and dies which may be unavailable on site.


Replacement of air conditioning hoses made simpleParker's solution

Parker's A/C Clip stands out in quality, value and performance in even the most demanding applications of R134a and R1234yf air conditioning and refrigeration systems worldwide. The design is simple and only requires readily available hand tools. Parker also offers a comprehensive line of A/C style end connections available to meet the needs of many different applications.

This innovative product meets SAE J2064 standard and provides an end-to-end solution with Parker’s 285 Refrigeration hose. The hose/fitting combination guarantees the lowest possible refrigerant permeation along with superior hose flexibility as compared to existing products in the market.




Assemble in six simple steps

For the A/C clip installation guide, you will need the following to get started: hose, hose cutter


Step 1:  Cut hose to proper length with hose cutter

Replacement of Air Conditioning Hoses Made Simple step 1 Hose Products Division











Step 2: Place two A/C clips on the A/C clip chamber

Replacement of Air Conditioning Hoses Made Simple Step 2 Hose Products Division










STEP 3: Slip assembled A/C Clip Chamber with A/C Clips onto the hose until the closed end of the Chamber contacts the end of the hose.

Replacement of Air Conditioning Hoses Made Simple Step 3 Hose Products Division











STEP 4: Lubricate the fitting nipple with a generous amount of P-80 Lube. This will assist with the insertion of the fitting into the hose.

Replacement of Air Conditioning Hoses Made Simple Step 4 Hose Products Division










STEP 5: Insert fitting until the hex contacts the hose end with the A/C Clip Chamber.

Replacement of Air Conditioning Hoses Made Simple Step 5 Hose Products Division










STEP 6: Tighten A/C Clips with the pliers until the ear clamp ends make contact or meet. Expect a slight “spring back” or gap once the pliers are released. If you are using pneumatic pliers (Optional) to close the A/C Clips, the pliers open themselves when the correct closing force has been reached.


Replacement of Air Conditioning Hoses Made Simple Step 6 Hose Products Division












Parker’s Hose Products Division delivers unparalleled quality and reliability in products engineered for the success of your application.  Learn more here about the innovative A/C Clip.



Replacement of Air Conditioning Hoses Made Simple Tanya Christian Hose Products DivisionArticle contributed by Tanya Christian, digital marketing specialist, Hose Products Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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