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Safety in the World of Exploration and Deep Drilling

Safety in the World of Exploration and Deep Drilling - Blowout Prevention Systems - Parker Hose Products DivisionBlowout prevention systems (BOP systems) are one of the most important pieces of equipment used in exploration and deep drilling applications. These large systems are vital to safety in both on- and off-shore operations, working to restrict or shut down pipes in the event of a blowout. 

How does a BOP system work?

In the Oil and Gas industry, blowout preventers are critical to the safety of crew, rig and environment, as well as monitoring and maintaining well integrity. BOP systems are intended to provide a fail-safety to the systems that include them in drilling operations. This fail-safety means that BOP systems must be dependable, strong and in perfect working condition. The dangers of deep drilling and exploration leave little room for mistake, and safety equipment such as blowout preventers is vital, and sometimes life-saving.

How are hydraulic hoses utilized within a BOP System?

BOP fluid in hydraulic lines provides the muscle needed for the blowout preventer's powerful rams to seal a well shut during drilling or in an emergency. This prevents pressurized hydrocarbons from escaping into the environment. The BOP Stack is equipped with hydraulically-powered rams that prevent the escape of high-pressure gas if a gas pocket is encountered while drilling. Therefore, the hydraulic hoses act as control lines that operate (open/close) the rams. Blow-out prevention is a major safety and environmental issue and therefore there are extremely stringent requirements regulated by the American Petroleum Institute for BOP systems.

What is a blowout? What happens?

A blowout in the world of oil and gas drilling is the uncontrolled release of crude oil and/or natural gas following the failure of pressure control systems. Before pressure control equipment was made available in the 1920s, the uncontrolled release of oil and gas from wells during drilling operations was common. The phenomenon was referred to as an oil gusher or a wild well. While gushers were iconic to oil exploration and served as symbols of newfound riches, they were dangerous and wasteful. An accidental spark in the event of a blowout leads to catastrophic oil or gas fires. Modern wells now have BOP systems, which are intended to prevent such damage and danger. 

Parker’s fire rated hydraulic hose assemblies for land and topside BOP applications

Parker's high-performance BOP hoses are designed for hydraulic use and certified to withstand fire, high heat and pressures in safety critical applications. All Parker Fire Armor BOP Hose Assemblies are tested and approved by Lloyd’s Register (LR), ensuring compliance with American Petroleum Industry API 16D guidelines to meet and exceed OD/1000/499 flame testing at 1300°F for five minutes. 

Parker's range of BOP hoses are used for hydraulic connections between the well control equipment and the control system in BOP systems. Combining Parker’s trusted ParLock multi-spiral hose range with Interlock connection and optional stainless steel armor, these high-performance hoses are designed provide protection from external shock and withstand the pressures of BOP applications.

Parker offers a full range of hose sizes from -6 to -32 and a working pressure range of 3000 to 5000 psi:

Safety in the World of Exploration and Deep Drilling - FA201 BOP Hydraulic Hose - Parker Hose Products DivisionFA21

The FA21 BOP Hydraulic Hose is made for general applications where flame resistance is required. The braided construction offers a constant working pressure of 3000 psi and a ½ SAE bend radius. The specially formulated cover is designed to withstand the flame test requirements outlined by API specification 16D. 


Safety in the World of Exploration and Deep Drilling - FA35 BOP Hose with Metal Armor - Parker Hose Products DivisionThe FA35 BOP Hydraulic Hose uses a spiral construction that offers a constant working pressure of 5000 psi. The red synthetic rubber cover offers flame resistance.

Parker’s FA35 BOP hose can be combined with the optional metal armor cover to provide added protection against external damage in harsh environments. The armor is available in 304 stainless steel. 

Convenient, efficient, expert support

BOP systems depend upon reliable, strong equipment for safety of operations and assurance that the system will effectively contain and stop damage in the event of a blowout. Parker's Certified BOP Assembler Program guarantees customers convenience, speed and the expertise of a local distributor with the quality, accuracy and traceability of a factory-made hose assembly. In the world of exploration and deep drilling, waiting for replacement parts means risking the safety of workers and possible environmental damage. To ensure the best speed to market, Parker-qualified distributors undergo workshop audits, the Parker Certificated BOP Hose Assembler Program and re-certification and auditing, which means minimal risk and maximum efficiency, keeping applications running and the job done safely and on time. 

Certified experts are trained by Parker to put together BOP hose assemblies which must then be tested and pass the assembly burst test. Certified assemblers then receive assigned designation. Only Parker-certified distributors are qualified to complete BOP hose assemblies. By certifying individual assemblers rather than locations, Parker ensures superior quality parts and proper assembly from local oil and gas distributors. All Parker-qualified distributors undergo re-certification and audits annually to ensure the reliable and safe products every time. 

Keep your employees safe by identifying and replacing critical products quickly and conveniently

Safety in the World of Exploration and Deep Drilling - Parker Tracking System - Parker Hose Products DivisionCustomers can expect convenient, on-hand inventory from local warehouse and assembly facilities, with an unmatched preventative maintenance plan that removes the burden of inspection and repair schedules and ensures safe and properly working equipment using the Parker Tracking System (PTS). A powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-use system, PTS provides fast, simple and accurate delivery of parts and services. Frequent equipment inspections and change-outs are vital to safety in BOP systems. PTS provides assurance that Parker's BOP hose assemblies always provide superior quality, safety, and reliability in even the most severe conditions.

Balancing the need to control costs, while expanding exploration into ever harsher environments, requires a supplier who can address these challenges and bring innovation and quality through products and services that meet your needs. With more than five decades of experience serving the oil and gas market globally, Parker’s Hose Products Division has become a valued partner and technology leader for today’s oil and gas companies.

Kyri McDonough, Hose Products Division, Parker HannifinArticle contributed by Kyri McDonough, marketing services manager at Hose Products Division, Parker Hannifin.





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