Simplify off-Highway Network Complexity With a Vehicle System Gateway

Simplifying Off-Highway Network Complexity Using the Parker Vehicle System Gateway (PVSG) Front loader Electronic Controls DivisionToday’s off-highway mobile construction equipment is more complex than many would have ever imagined a mere 20 years ago. At the turn of the century, mechanical advancements and machinery upgrades rarely involved electronic controls or computerized enhancements. Yet in today’s world of off-highway equipment, special devices called “gateways” are utilized for security, safety and increased efficiency. These gateways serve as central hubs that allow for secure and reliable interconnections that process data across a wide range of vehicle networks and electronic control units (ECUs). 

Be prepared for change

Simplify Off-highway Network Complexity With Our Vehicle System Gateway Diagram Electronic Controls DivisionBecause of the advancing technologies in the off-highway machinery space, it is more important than ever to stay prepared for future changes. As large mobile equipment networks continue to become more complex, the existing communication strategies will result in system bottlenecks down the road. A gateway device, such as the PVSG, solves these challenges by enabling future communication network architectures which allow for multiple network buses and managed communication between networks.

Ideally, such a wireless gateway provides routing support for different CAN network protocols, such as 11 bit CAN, 29 bit CAN and J1939. In order to support a multitude of CAN network protocols, the PVSG was developed with a PC configuration tool that enables OEMs to easily set the routing table without custom applications or detailed software competency - taking the challenge out of the process so OEMs can focus on reliability, efficiency and safety.

Gateways like the PVSG also allow engineers to design more robust and functional networks by providing the ability to manage network isolation between the machinery’s critical communication networks. This allows the system designer to physically separate critical communication network buses from non-critical buses (HMI, telematics, etc.) and manage intercommunication via designated interfaces. Another important benefit of the PVSG is the DLA capability that permits simple connection with the machine’s network as well as offering compatibility with Parker’s standard development tools.
The PVSG permits development of custom RP1210C-based interfaces, allowing for use with OEM specific service tools.  This allows service personnel to connect PC-based production line and service tools to all machine CAN buses without the need for additional hardware.  This connection can be made using USB, Ethernet or even wirelessly, providing maximum flexibility for users. 

What is the PVSG?

The Parker Vehicle System Gateway (PVSG) is a network management solution that is leading the way in providing large off-highway machinery with a central communication network hub. The PVSG allows for a seamless transfer of data to manage information exchange between many technologies, such as:

  •  J1939 CAN
  • 11 bit CAN
  • 29 bit CAN
  • Wireless devices
  • Ethernet
  • USB

Gateways ultimately enable full control and a comprehensive understanding of a machine. The PVSG is specifically designed to allow users to manage interactions between CAN networks, upload/download service information via a multitude of connections, such as USB, Wireless, or Ethernet, as well as loads software to controllers and displays for complete system updates.

In addition, the PVSG enables simple identification of modules on the J1939 CAN network to easily determine the individual module’s hardware and software configuration.  This takes the guess work out of managing the software configuration for a complete machine. The PVSG has the right mix of tools and communication features to optimize vehicle design.
Regardless of the next trend in off-highway construction equipment, the Parker Vehicle System Gateway (PVSG) is sure to provide advanced support and capability for communications between technologies. Learn more about how Parker is working to provide next-generation gateways with optimized solutions by visiting our Gateway Module System Gateway today!
Simplify Off-Highway Network Complexity with a Vehicle System Gateway Sharlette Carey Electronic Controls DivisionSimplify Off-highway Network Complexity With A Vehicle System Gateway Curtis Rebizant Electronic Controls DivisionThis article was contributed by Sharlette Carey, marketing specialist and Curtis Rebizant, marketing manager, Electronic Controls Division.
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