Sindex 2014 Showcases Innovative Products and Systems for Automation

What better place to showcase the latest innovations in automation - motion and control - but the Swiss technology trade show, SINDEX – opening its doors from September 2 to 4, 2014 in Berne Switzerland. Over 400 exhibitors will be highlighting the latest technology for automation in your manufacturing plant or processing facility.

At this year’s SINDEX, Parker’s theme will be " KEY TO SUCCESS.” In its modern booth, Parker will present the company’s latest innovations in electromechanical, pneumatics and hydraulics technology.


Showcased products

A cost-efficient substitute for pneumatic cylinders

Sindex 2014 Showcases Innovative Products and Systems for Automation Parker complements its range of linear motor actuators with the new ETT (Electric Tubular Motor) product line. This series is now available in three lengths and sizes offering maximum  force ratings of 512N, a speed range up to  4m/s plus an acceleration range to 200 m/s2. With position repeatability of ± 0,05 mm, the new ETT is ideally suited to all kinds of linear handling and pick & place applications. It also provides an excellent solution where precise force and speed control combined with high flexibility and position control are required. Furthermore, the ETT meets the DIN ISO 15552:2005-12 requirements for pneumatic flange standards and allows easy interchange with pneumatic counterparts without additional cooling.

Expanded product range for variable speed drives (VSD)

Sindex 2014 Showcases Innovative Products and Systems for Automation - Parker Hannifin SwitzerlandEngineered specifically for flexibility, simplicity and reliability, Parker’s AC30 series of variable speed AC drives has been extended to cover the range from 0.75 kW to 75 kW and is also available with a pulse encoder feedback option, bringing closed-loop capabilities to the drive. Now offered in five different frame sizes, the AC30 drive provides users with exceptional levels of control, from simple open-loop pumps and fans through to closed-loop process line applications; in fact, wherever reliable and accurate motor speed control are the key requirements.

Featuring integrated energy monitoring functionality, the AC30 series facilitates the matching of motor speed to varying application demands, thus supporting the reduction of energy consumption. This not only saves money, but extends the mechanical life of motors, pumps, fans and ancillary equipment such as ducting or pipework.

Performance and economical design

Sindex 2014 Showcases Innovative Products and Systems for Automation - Parker Hannifin SwitzerlandParker’s new variable frequency drive AC10 micro drive offers straightforward yet adept motor control in everyday applications requiring speed or torque control within the power range of 0.2 to 15 kW. One of the smallest micro drives available, typical applications for AC10 are set to include conveyors, centrifuges, fans, mixers, packaging machines and textile machines. Offering extremely compact dimensions and features normally only associated with higher specification drives, AC10 provides an optimised solution for OEM machine builders seeking a cost-effective drive without any compromise in performance.

The new micro drive gives users the inherent energy-saving benefits of using a variable frequency drive, as well as the improved reliability and extended service life benefits associated with smoother starting and stopping of regularly cycling loads.

Sindex 2014 Showcases Innovative Products and Systems for AutomationSituated at the main entrance will be Parker’s Expo-Bus – a mobile showroom regularly used for roadshows in Switzerland. Here you will be able to have a more hands on examination of the broad range of products.

Gain an insight into the range of Parker’s complete product portfolio by stopping at our booth, win some prizes at The Wheel of Fortune, located at the Parker Hannifin Europe Sàrl booth, Hall 3.0 / Booth C07.

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