Sterile Filtration Technology – Driving Change in the Brewing Industry

Sterile Filtration Technology – Driving Change in the Brewing Industry  - food and beverage process - Parker BioScienceThe microbial stabilization of beer is of critical importance for the shelf-life of beers – and as beers are exported all over the world, it’s vital that their original characteristics still remain intact when they arrive in the glasses of thirsty consumers in faraway markets. 

An increasing number of brewers are turning to sterile filtration as a reliable method to ensure a longer shelf-life of their packaged beer. Indeed, many brewery operations have been moving away from flash pasteurization – the traditional method of removing spoilage organisms – due to its negative impact on the flavour profile of the end product and the many advantages offered by sterile filtration.  


Filtered beer retains unique and desirable characteristics

Sterile Filtration Technology - Driving Change in the Brewing IndustryIt has been shown that beer which has been filtered to achieve stabilization retains its unique and desirable characteristics more efficiently than beer stabilized through flash pasteurization: the sterile filtration process is gentler, compared to the harsh process of flash pasteurization. Sterile filtration can also have a beneficial effect on taste characteristics throughout the duration of the beer’s shelf-life. 



And there are more advantages too. 

  • The performance of sterile filtration can more easily be monitored, because of the relative simplicity of cold stabilization systems.  
  • The filters used in sterile filtration minimize adsorption of desirable components and help to protect beer head retention. 
  • Beer losses when using sterile filtration can be significantly lower than flash pasteurization.  
  • Sterile filtration uses less energy than the flash pasteurization process – as it does not require plate heat exchangers. 
  • Water consumption is reduced, as sterile filtration does not necessitate a buffer tank. 
  • Sterile filtration requires fewer parts, making the systems easier to operate than flash pasteurization systems.  
  • Pasteurization hardware is large and expensive in comparison to the lower initial outlay for a sterile filtration setup. 


Partnerships deliver a better product

Parker Bioscience has built a partnership with Agidens Process Automation that combines more than 50 years of brewing filtration experience and industry-leading products to deliver a better beverage. Starting with Parker Bioscience Filtration's detailed knowledge and experience of brewing processes and automation, Parker offers cutting-edge technology for use in sterile filtration. Using this technology, Agidens is now offering a platform of sterile filtration/cold stabilization modules to suit a range of beer flow capacities and specifications, as a more efficient alternative to pasteurization.    


Sterile filtration in practice – Zagrebačka pivovara installation 

The combined experience of Agidens Process Automation and Parker Bioscience Filtration was recently brought to bear for Zagrebačka pivovara in Croatia, which is part of Molson Coors. Zagrebačka pivovara wanted to expand its range with a premium, non-pasteurized lager and needed to work with a provider with proven expertise in cold stabilization technology. 

It commissioned Agidens to implement a Cold Stabilization Module (CSM) at its brewery site in Zagreb, Croatia. In just five months, Agidens’ engineering team was able to provide a tailor-made CSM solution that was integrated into the brewery’s existing production line.

Sterile Filtration Technology – Driving Change in the Brewing Industry  - CSM complete skid - Parker Bioscience

The CSM installation consists of three modules for a total length of 6.75 metres:

  • Filtration skid 
  • Distribution cluster 
  • CIP skid

The site was only accessible via a small elevator which meant that the CSM had to be custom-designed, disassembled and transported before it could be re-built and installed on site.  

The CSM installed at the Zagrebačka pivovara site filters an average of 250 hectolitres of beer per hour. 

The CSM uses Parker Bioscience Filtration’s PREPOR NG and BEVPOR BR filters in a combination to achieve microbial stability whilst protecting the taste characteristics of the premium lager.  


Sterile Filtration Technology – Driving Change in the Brewing Industry  - CSM with Parker FiltersThe BEVPOR BR range of filters is constructed with a unique Polyethersulphone (PES) membrane, offering a long service life and therefore a highly efficient solution with a low cost of operation in sterile filtration of beer applications. 


Parker Bioscience Filtration’s PREPOR NG filters have been specifically developed to remove yeast and particulate such as filter aids and haze components. The superior level of retention ensures that a consistent quality of the brew is delivered and provides a greater level of membrane filter protection during cold stabilization. 






Sterile Filtration Technology - Driving Change in the Brewing Industry - Cartridge image - Parker BioscienceFor more information on Parker Bioscience Filtration’s sterile filtration solutions for the brewing market visit our website.  





Sterile Filtration Technology – Driving Change in the Brewing Industry - Lee Pattison - Parker BioscienceThis post was contributed by Lee Pattison, Food and Beverage Product Manager, Parker Bioscience Filtration, United Kingdom.  

Parker Bioscience Filtration offers filtration solutions to protect the quality and taste of beverage products. By working with our application experts, manufacturers can develop a tailored solution to ensure their beverage is free from contamination, full of flavour and visibly clear. 



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