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Sustainability Report Highlights Team Members’ Efforts to Improve Their Workplaces and Communities

Parker’s Sustainability Report Highlights Team Members’ Efforts to Improve their Workplaces and Communities - Sustainability Report - Parker HannifinSustainability at Parker means providing a safe and engaging work environment, strengthening local communities and actively supporting charitable organizations that make the world a better place. 

Parker’s 2018 Sustainability Report features examples selected from hundreds of submissions that demonstrate initiatives driven by Parker team members, aimed at making a positive impact in the lives of those around them.  


Safety is our responsibility 

Latin America Group 

Parker’s Sustainability Report Highlights Team Members’ Efforts to Improve their Workplaces and Communities - Safety - Parker Hannifin


While there are many compelling reasons to focus on improving safety, team members across Parker’s Latin America Group have established a meaningful connection between day-to-day actions in the workplace and their families at home. This year several facilities organized open house events and team members invited their spouses and children to visit their work area and examine their safety equipment hands-on, enabling them to take part in the shared sense of responsibility for safe behavior. The campaign has contributed to improved safety awareness and several facilities in the region have achieved new records for consecutive days accident-free. 



Wellness inside and out 

Instrumentation Products Division Europe - Sheffield, England 

Parker’s Sustainability Report Highlights Team Members’ Efforts to Improve their Workplaces and Communities - Wellness - Parker HannifinA Safety Star Point HPT at the division has implemented a comprehensive campaign that enables team members to optimize their physical and mental health while improving safety performance in alignment with Parker’s zero-accident target. The initiative includes workshops and educational materials to raise awareness of mental health issues, as well as free health checks to help monitor weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and other metrics, all backed by a leadership pledge reinforcing the commitment to a positive lifestyle. This year the division also achieved a 900% increase in reports of safety concerns to help identify potential workplace risks, resulting in zero accidents and zero lost time, and ranking among the best-performing Parker facilities in the region. 


Rock & roll therapy for toddlers 

Global Headquarters - Cleveland, OH, USA 

Parker’s Sustainability Report Highlights Team Members’ Efforts to Improve their Workplaces and Communities - Therapy for Toddlers - Parker HannifinResearch demonstrating that exposure to music at an early age increases a child’s likelihood of academic success later in life is the basis of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Toddler Rock initiative. The music therapy program uses popular music to engage nearly 400 students each week through music, movement, singing and storytelling. The Parker Hannifin Foundation is proud to support Toddler Rock, which enhances reading and problem-solving skills by teaching letter recognition, rhyming and alliteration, and promotes positive interaction between children and their parents, caregivers and teachers.  


Safety performance 

Safety is Parker’s highest priority. Everyone at Parker shares the responsibility to make sure team members return home safely to their families, friends and communities after each work day. The company is equally committed to ensuring the safety and security of contractors, customers and other guests visiting its workplaces.  

Achieving an accident-free workplace is regarded not as an aspiration, but an expectation. Safety performance is measured by the Recordable Incident Rate (RIR), which is the number of work-related incidents that require medical attention beyond first aid, normalized to 100 team members per year. Through the implementation of comprehensive safety initiatives supported by dedicated High Performance Teams, Parker has achieved a 54% RIR reduction over the past five years. This includes a RIR of 0.73 in fiscal year 2018, a 21% reduction in workplace accidents for the year. 

Parker’s Sustainability Report Highlights Team Members’ Efforts to Improve their Workplaces and Communities - Recordable Incedent - Parker Hannifin

Star Point HPTs improving safety performance 

Each year Parker is continuing to make significant progress toward achieving an accident-free workplace, driven by team members participating in Star Point High Performance Teams (HPTs). This structured approach helps to clarify roles and responsibilities, facilitate communication and instill a sense of ownership and pride in supporting a shared team effort. High Performance Teams have contributed to a 21% reduction in Parker’s Recordable Incident Rate this year. 

Parker recently held a global contest to recognize Safety Star Point HPTs that have established a robust charter, maintained a consistent meeting cadence and made outstanding contributions to safety performance. The winning facilities accounted for 166 total Star Point team members focused on safety, with a combined 6,701 near miss reports submitted and 12,296 days accident-free. 


Congratulations to the 2018 Safety Star Point HPT winning teams 

Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division 
Avon, Ohio, USA 

China Filtration Division 
Shanghai, China 

Chomerics Division Asia 
Shanghai, China & Shenzhen, China 

Control Systems Division 
Dublin, Georgia, USA 

Cylinder Division 
Benton, Arkansas, USA 

Fluid Connectors India 
Nagpur, India & Hyderabad, India 

Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Division 
Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA 

Industrial Hydraulics Division China 
Shanghai, China 

Instrumentation Products Division Europe 
Sheffield, England 

Mobile Hydraulics Division China 
Tianjin, China 

Motion Systems India 
Mumbai, India 

Stratoflex Division 
Jacksonville, Florida, USA 


Learn more and download our Sustainability Report.  


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