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Sustainability Report Illustrates Renewed Commitment to Responsible Operation

Parker’s 2014 Sustainability Report Illustrates Renewed Commitment to Responsible OperationThis year Parker formalized a sustainability framework focused on three key areas where the company has an opportunity to maximize the impact of its efforts: people, planet and products.

“It has become clear that our vision of operating a more sustainable business complements our ability to deliver premier customer service and achieve our financial performance goals,” said Tom Williams, Chief Executive Officer. “By operating in alignment with our renewed commitment to sustainability, we are able to achieve profitable growth while protecting the environment and improving quality of life today and for future generations.”

Parker’s 2014 Sustainability Report highlights how employees are making a difference, with examples from Parker locations around the world showcasing employee-driven initiatives which are helping to strengthen communities, conserve resources and make a positive environmental impact at the local level.

The developments featured in the report are aligned with Parker’s sustainability commitment, which has been defined as:

To responsibly solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges to foster enduring success for the company, customers and communities.

The report also details progress being made by the company to improve workplace safety, advance the development of highly efficient products and systems, and minimize the consumption of resources such as water and energy.  

Sustainlbility Report Illustrates Renewed Commitment to Responsible Operation - Image of metal machining waste - 2014 reportSustainability is a vast, complex concept. Determining the ideal approach for applying sustainable practices across the operations of a global organization presents both a significant challenge and a meaningful opportunity.However, aligned with Parker's position as the global leader in motion and control technologies, the company aspires to occupy a space at the forefront of sustainable operations. 

Parker is constantly looking for new ways to reduce the amount of energy and water used at its facilities. To minimize the amount of resources used in product manufacturing. To expand recycling efforts and limit the amount of waste sent to landfills. To design products that accomplish more while consuming less. All in the name of conducting business responsibly and protecting the environment for future generations. 

Read the Parker 2014 Sustainability Report to learn more. 




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