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The HVACR Industry- Most Read Blogs Influenced by Trends in 2020

Top HVACR Blogs of 2020 | Parker GlobalDespite the uncertainty and challenges brought by changing times in 2020 specifically, the HVAC/R business was better than good for industry professionals. Many companies experienced record sales and industry projections continue trending upward. The HVAC industry plays an important role in safely operating businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and demand for HEPA filters, ventilation, and airflow to aid mitigation skyrocketed. Homeowners took it upon themselves to have whole-home air purification systems installed, in addition to portable room-units. And, with work from home becoming the new normal, “smart” homes became smarter brought about by new technologies and consumer demand. 

As our HVACR engineering experts remain committed to strengthening the industry through educational opportunities, the blog posts below represent the most-read in 2020. Read on to catch up on what you may have missed.


Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Filtration and COVID-19

By Filtration Team

The HVACR Industry in 2020- Most Read BlogsThe high transmission rate of coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to recommend that everyone in the U.S. wear nonsurgical face masks when going out in public because people infected with the virus may emit aerosols (particulates or microorganisms) when they talk or breathe. These infectious viral particles can float or drift around in the air. This has raised concerns about indoor air quality and the potential for airborne transmission through an HVAC system. Therefore, in many industries from healthcare to manufacturing, facilities managers are exploring whether their buildings are equipped to reduce the threat of infection. Continue reading.


HVACR Tech Tip: Basic Troubleshooting Given Three Measurements

By Climate Control Team

HVACR Industry in 2020- Most Read BlogsWhat if you are only given 3 measurements?

As HVACR technicians, you need some ideas in your back pocket for basic troubleshooting in a refrigeration system. How about a simple chart that helps you diagnose a system with 3 data points for starters? Let’s take the following 3 data points as an example... Continue reading.




Compressor Overheating is the Number One Refrigeration Problem

By Climate Control Team

The HVACR Industry in 2020 Most Read Blogs | Climate Control, Parker Sporlan DivisionMany refrigeration compressors break down simply because they overheat. There are two main reasons why overheating can have such a devastating effect on compressors:

  • Loss of the lubricating properties of the refrigeration oils

  • Chemical decomposition of the refrigerants and/or oils, which can occur suddenly

The oil breakdown in the refrigeration system has plenty of negative side effects. Continue reading.


How to Use Virtual Engineer for HVACR Product Selection

By Climate Control Team

The HVACR Industry in 2020- Most Read BlogsParker Sporlan's new web-based product selection program, Virtual Engineer, allows the user to size, select, and fully configure products for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration applications. Virtual Engineer features a quick selection of single or multiple components by a template. An innovative dashboard and project system make saving, editing, and sharing projects easy. 

Virtual Engineer replaces Parker Sporlan’s legacy Selection Program. The legacy Selection Program was originally created to perform distributor calculations... Continue reading.


Safety Precautions to Take When Changing HVAC Filters for Reducing Airborne Transmission

By Filtration Team

The HVACR Industry in 2020- Most Read Blogs | Changing an HVAC filter | Filtration TeamEvery day HVAC technicians help keep people comfortable by installing and servicing HVAC systems. HVAC technicians also play an integral role in improving the quality of indoor air by regularly changing the air filters designed to trap microbial contaminants such as mold, bacteria, and viruses along with allergens that can induce mild to serious health effects. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was wise to assume these air filters contain living pathogens since the highest-efficiency rated types do not actively kill organisms. Continue reading.


HVACR Tech Tip: Where Should the TEV External Equalizer Be Installed?

By Climate Control Team

The HVACR Industry Trends in 2020- Most Read BlogsIn air conditioning and refrigeration applications, the ability of the thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) to match refrigerant flow to the rate at which refrigerant can be vaporized in the evaporator makes it the ideal expansion device for most HVACR applications. The TEV controls the flow of liquid refrigerant entering the direct expansion (DX) evaporator by maintaining a constant superheat of the refrigerant vapor at the outlet of the evaporator. Continue Reading.





Water Chilling for Temperature Control in MRI and CT Scanners

By Filtration Team

The HVACR Industry- Most Read Blogs Influenced by Trends in 2020 | CT Scanner - Parker HannifinProcess chillers for precision cooling of low viscosity industrial fluids are routinely used in hospitals and laboratories to control the temperature in a variety of applications including rotary evaporation, reaction vessel jacketing, diffusion pumps, laser systems, electron microscopes, and linear accelerators. Two of the most prevalent applications of this technology include heat load management in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scanners. Continue reading



Choosing the Best Dust Collector for Air Quality Control in Manufacturing

By Filtration Team

The HVACR Industry- Most Read Blogs Influenced by Trends in 2020 | Dust Hog in Manufacturing Plant | Parker GlobalDust collectors are important tools in any industrial manufacturing operation. They provide a cleaner environment for employees, eliminate air quality concerns, and meet environmental compliance directives. Downward flow cartridge dust collectors are commonly used in processes to remove pollutants in grinding, sanding, thermal spraying, and making graphite, ink dyes, silica talc, and toner. Choosing an optimally designed downward flow dust collector is key to controlling the air quality in your plant. To ensure your dust collector performs to its full potential, using the most advanced, and efficient filtration technology is critical. Continue reading.


The Must-Have Connection to Power Your Data Center Cooling

By Fluid Gas Handling Team

The HVACR Industry- Most Read Blogs Influenced by Trends in 2020 | Data Center Cooling Server | Parker GlobalWe’re in the midst of our own gold rush of sorts. Rather than fleeing to California in search of prosperity through extraordinary and precious assets, businesses are looking above to achieve their good fortunes. The cloud as it’s become known has empowered organizations with vast amounts of invaluable data to better serve the needs of customers while increasing the all-important bottom line. 

Every second of every day, billions of people are seeking information through computers, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This translates to massive amounts of unstructured data being collected and stored with the intent to leverage these variables to support decisions and actions that best satisfy a need or demand. We have come to know this as the big data boom. Continue reading.


ZoomLock MAX Press-to-Connect Refrigerant Fittings FAQs–Part 2

By Climate Control Team

The HVACR Industry- Most Read Blogs Influenced by Trends in 2020 |  ZoomLock MAX tool and fittings | Parker GlobalZoomLock MAX press-to-connect refrigerant fittings are changing the way HVACR professionals connect refrigerant lines. By using ZoomLock MAX, you, the HVACR technician can connect refrigerant lines in seconds, boosting efficiency while providing the safety and reliability you expect from Parker.

This post is the second in our series providing answers to the top FAQs on ZoomLock MAX fittings. The answers cover crimping, jaws, tools, and compliance. Continue reading.


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