Resolving a Product Quality Issue for a Major Cheese Factory

Resolving a Product Quality Issue for a Major Cheese Factory - Cheese Factory - Total Filtration ServicesThe food and beverage industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Rigid standards for the creation and preparation of the food and beverages that people consume every day is paramount to the health and safety of the public, which is why Total Filtration Services is dedicated to ensuring that in every stage of production. Our Food and Beverage clients are meeting every standard with excellence.

The company involved in this case study is a large cheese manufacturer located in the South Dakota area that makes cheese, whey, lactose and anhydrous milk fat products for some of the largest food brands in the world.  At the time they reached out to TFS for assistance, they were not yet a customer. Read the full blog post to learn how TFS applied its experience and technical capabilities to resolve a filtration problem causing product quality issues costing the company over $100,000!


The challenge

The company was experiencing quality issues in the final stage of their process, which consisted of “blowing off” large blocks of cheese before being packaged and shipped to food processing companies.

They contacted Total Filtration Services to help determine a solution for their quality issues, as they were finding metal flakes on the blocks of cheese, which had already caused them to throw away a large batch of product. Failure to resolve this issue would result in thousands of dollars in wasted product, as well as damage to their brand reputation.

Resolving a Product Quality Issue for a Major Cheese Factory - Cheese Factory - Total Filtration Services

The TFS solution

After surveying the area of concern, TFS found the particles (metal flakes) were coming from the metal separators on the HEPA filters. Because the separators weren't necessary in this application, TFS proposed switching to a similarly performing filter without the metal separators. Due to strong relationships with manufacturing partners, identifying the replacement filter was a short process.


The results

The customer embraced the recommended solution to replace the existing HEPA filters with a new brand and model without the metal separators. The customer was satisfied to learn that the quality issue went away and that TFS brought a technical solution which solved a problem causing product loss costing $100,000. Shortly after resolving the quality issue, TFS was asked to supply the new customer with several other types of filtration products for applications throughout their facility.


Explaining HEPA

Resolving a Product Quality Issue for a Major Cheese Factory - Airguard Micro Guard HEPA Filters - Total Filtration ServicesHEPA is an acronym for "High-Efficiency Particulate Air" or "High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance." This acronym refers to a mechanical air filter that is manufactured, tested, certified, and labeled in accordance with current HEPA filter standards. it works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles.

TFS has strong relationships with multiple manufacturers of high-quality HEPA filters and has the expertise needed to confidently recommend the right style and size for your application(s). Contact us to schedule a survey of your facility and identify your filtration needs by calling 1-800-331-3118 or emailing To learn more about our product offerings, visit us at


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