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Transair® BIM Revolutionizes Industrial Fluid Network Design

Transair BIM Solution, 3D Drawings

Projects related to the construction or building's life cycle are increasingly complex and fast. The number of trades involved in the life of an industrial building is always larger and more specific. BIM, as a shared project management process represents an effective and innovative response.


What is BIM?

BIM comes from the English Building Information Modelling. The term building here is generic but also includes infrastructure.

BIM is primarily working methods and a 3D parametric digital model that contains intelligent and structured data.

It guarantees the sharing of reliable information throughout the life of a building, from its design to its demolition. The digital model is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of this building.

BIM is a collaborative e-platform on a construction project, bringing together all the trades of this project, according to a common language.


BIM: A new service offered by Transair


"With BIM, the way construction professionals work is hanging, with multiple gains for the entire industry," 

Nicolas Maupillé, project manager and DSO Manager at Transair®.


Transair® BIM Revolutionizes Industrial Fluid Network DesignThe construction projects involve a strong collaboration between the different actors of a project, to better control each phase of the life cycle of a building.

As the leading manufacturer of modular industrial fluid networks, Transair® has identified the interest of integrating the BIM platform increasing used in the building sector.


Always listening to the market, Transair® sees BIM as a performance accelerator in project management of its users and partners. Transair® has partnered with a specialist, BIM & Co. for the modeling, integration and publication of its global offering of modular networks for industrial fluids (BSP ISO and NPT ANSI).

BIM simplifies the design process in general, in particular by optimally integrating Transair® networks.

It, therefore, allows users and integrators of the Transair® system:
- To foster better collaboration between the various stakeholders of the same project
- To have accurate visualizations at all stages
- To reduce the risk of errors throughout the project



Transair® launches its library of BIM-enabled objects

List of Transair Products BIM Compatible

All BIM & CO tools dedicated to Transair® make it easy to structure and distribute product data as BIM Ready objects to all users of the platform. The objects are thus adapted to all stages of the process, from design to construction, operation, and maintenance.

To be BIM compatible, all the product families of the Transair® system are available in REVIT format, in LOD (Level Of Detail) 200 and 400. All the specific features of the Transair® product range are automated in a 100% dedicated template. 

To benefit from this new service:
- Register on the BIM & CO platform,
- Access the Transair space, and
- Download the template and the objects necessary for the construction of the desired network free of charge.

"Transair® wishes to integrate fully into the spirit of BIM by providing the various players with a quality service, which will allow them to understand the design. of their networks in an intuitive way and thus to stay focused on their projects, so it was important for us to propose to the design offices, objects, whose data are properly structured and informed"

Guillaume Tétard, business unit manager, Transair® 


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AuthorArticle contributed by Nicolas Maupillé, DSO manager Transair® and Laurent Orcibal, ebusiness manager, Low Pressure Connector Europe, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





Laurent Orcibal

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