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US Military Depends on Screw-to-Connect Couplings to Perform Under Pressure

US Military Depends on Screw-to-Connect Couplings to Perform Under Pressure military Vehicle Quick Coupling DivisionWhen working under high pressure in the harshest conditions, there is no margin for error. Especially if you’re in the military. Since World War I, the U.S. military has trusted Parker to deliver the toughest and most dependable products capable of standing up to high pressure applications and challenging environments. Our products are designed to deliver peak performance at the most crucial times to ensure that failure is not an option.

Parker’s Defense Team is dedicated to supporting ground and maritime applications worldwide. The team includes some of the industry’s sharpest engineering minds collaborating with military leaders to understand their challenges in a variety of applications and environments and offer innovative solutions.

We leverage our experience and knowledge in demanding applications like construction, mining and oil and gas to develop products that meet the requirements for military ground vehicles. This includes the military environment where extreme and challenging conditions are common. We work with defense personnel on applications where screw-to-connect couplings increase reliability and uptime for military hydraulic systems used on armed forces’ ground vehicles.

Military applications

Our screw-to-connect couplings are engineered to keep military equipment ready for action. Through research and development, we have helped redefine the limits of tactical vehicles and ground-based system performance.    

From the desert to the arctic, military vehicles must operate reliably in extreme conditions like rough terrain, dirty or dusty environments or high-vibration applications.

US Military Depends on Screw-to-Connect Couplings to Perform Under Pressure Military Vehicle Quick Coupling DivisionParker’s screw-to-connect couplings check all the boxes.

Our engineers design and qualify couplings with military ground vehicles’ hydraulic systems in mind and deliver connectors that are robust, highly corrosion-resistant, and operational in high-impulse systems. All that while also being easy to connect and disconnect under high pressure and able to remain secure in high-vibration situations.

Our line of screw-to-connect couplings enables mechanics and techs the ability to perform ground vehicle maintenance tasks like installing the couplings directly on the pump, at the base or in the field without concern about causing damage or sustaining an injury when disconnecting or connecting under-pressure components.


Parker’s screw-to-connect coupling options for military vehicles

We offer two primary coupling series that meet these application requirements – FET and 59 Series. While they each have their own individual features and benefits, they do share some application commonalities.

Both the FET or 59 series products for military hydraulic systems can be secured and disconnected by hand – no tools are required. Both product lines feature a visual indicator so the mechanic or technician can confidently know the connection is secure.

Both series of couplers can operate in heavy-duty, hydraulic applications where fluid lines require fast and easy connection and disconnection. Other common features include:

  • Connect and disconnect under pressure
  • High impulse resistance
  • Up to 6000 psi rated pressure
  • Non-spill valving

US Military Depends on Screw-to-Connect Couplings to Perform Under Pressure Screw to Connect fittings Quick Coupling DivisionThe FET Series is an excellent choice for military ground vehicle applications and directly interchange with other-like industry products. FET series couplings are produced with Parker’s same high standards of design, engineering and manufacturing.

Our innovative 59 Series is the top-of-the line coupling designed for military hydraulic systems. 59 Series products feature materials, design and functionality that are unique. The couplings are zinc-nickel coated for superior corrosion resistance. They are engineered with double Acme threading, which enables quick, strong and reliable connection in just 2.5 turns. These rugged Acme threads are resistant to damage and have a double-start feature to quickly align the threads, saving time and eliminating frustration.

The bright orange O-ring provides visual confirmation that the coupler and nipple are fully mated for a secure connection. The 59 Series also features an internal bearing to reduce hose twist and ease the difficulty of connecting fluid lines while under pressure.


Learn more about Parker’s FET and 59 Series screw-to-connect couplings.


US Military Depends on Screw-to-Connect Couplings to Perform Under Pressure Abbey Hopkins Quick Coupling DivisionArticle contributed by Abbey Hopkins, product sales manager, Quick Coupling Division, Parker Hannifin






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