Use a Hose Cleaning Kit to Reduce Hydraulic Hose Downtime

Use a Hose Cleaning Kit to Reduce Hydraulic Hose Downtime | ParkerStore | Parker Hannifin If you’re in the business of buying, selling, or working with hydraulic hoses, you may be aware that up to 80% of hydraulic system failures can be attributed to contaminated oil. And, removing internal hose contamination, will help prevent hose system failure altogether. That’s why a proper hose cleaning kit should be an essential part of your hose assembly process.


Why do hoses require cleaning?

If you neglect to clean your hose, there is a good chance that residual contaminants within the hose will affect productivity, possibly even leading to a hose malfunction. This can cause costly downtime.

Several factors, which occur during the cutting of hydraulic hose, can affect the hose assembly performance. Proper cutting and preparation of the hose prior to assembly is important to ensure maximum effectiveness of the hose assembly.

It is important to clear the hose immediately after the hose cutting process and this cleaning needs to be done correctly, rather than simply blowing compressed air through the hose assembly.


"Just blowing compressed air through the hose assembly is not entirely effective. This removes most particles but some can remain, having only been redistributed throughout the hose.”

Jim Henighan, marketing and support services manager for Parker's Hose Products Division.


This is when the Parker Hose Cleaning Kit becomes necessary. These kits are designed to handle the wide variety of media our customers have moving through their hose assemblies. One of these kits should be an essential part of your hose assembly process.


Economy Hose Cleaning Kit

Use a Hose Cleaning Kit to Reduce Hydraulic Hose Downtime  | Parker Hose Cleaning Kit | Parker HannifinThis kit is designed for hoses, tubes, or pipes with inside diameters from a quarter inch up to one and a quarter inch. It has a durable brass launcher with aluminum inside and features a quarter-turn locking ring to make nozzle changes and projectile-loading easy. This kit is what you need if you're making your own assemblies, or if you're working with a limited range of hose sizes. It is also ideal for mobile and job site applications because of its size and portability.



Ultra Clean Hose Cleaning Kit

Use a Hose Cleaning Kit to Reduce Hydraulic Hose Downtime | Hose Cleaning Nozzels | Parker HannifinThis kit is perfect for production hose and tube shops, as well as mobile fabricators. It works with ¼” up to 2” hose, tube, or pipe. Its launcher and nozzles are made from precision-machined aluminum and are fully anodized, so they can handle harsh environments and heavy use.

Use a Hose Cleaning Kit to Reduce Hydraulic Hose Downtime | Foam Projectiles | Parker HannifinThe Ultra Clean Hose Cleaning Kit has a full-flow quick release coupling, and a unique 360-degree rotary plug comes with the launcher to ensure proper airflow and no fatigue for the operator. There's also a safety release bar that locks the faceplate into a closed position for firing Ultra Clean foam projectiles.


Parker offers foam projectiles of various sizes for hydraulic hoses, plus projectiles designed for use with various types of tubing and pipes.


Cleaning your hydraulic hose

  1. Insert the correct nozzle into the launcher along with the correct size UC projectile.

  2. The nozzle will make an air-tight seal when pressed against the hose and fitting.

  3. Press the trigger, and the projectile will push the contaminants out of the hose assembly.

  4. You should fire a projectile through the hose in both directions.

  5. At this point, you must seal your hose ends to ensure your assembly remains clean.

  6. If you don’t have sealing equipment, bring the hose to your local ParkerStore.

The Ultra Clean kits will help you keep your hoses operating at maximum efficiency, and will prevent the ever-dreaded downtime. Plus, they'll help you maintain industry standards used to measure hydraulic fluid cleanliness, which also saves you money when considered against the expense of replacing clogged filters and valves.

Each of these hose cleaning kits comes in durable cases and is portable. A hose cleaning kit from Parker shouldn't be an afterthought -- think of it as an integral, mandatory part of your hydraulic hose assembly.

Remember, you can always speak with your local ParkerStore professional if you have questions on hose cleaning or the Parker Hose Cleaning kits.

Watch the video and see Mike, our ParkerStore professional, demonstrate how easy it is to clean a hydraulic hose using a hose cleaning kit:



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