What You Need to Know About Choosing a Watermaker for your Vessel

Luxury Yacht on BeachWhether you’re planning a leisurely afternoon on the water or an extended venture at sea, fresh water is a critical resource.  Determining the best method to provide fresh water for on board use requires careful consideration.


The safety and convenience of a clean water supply

Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon (1 kilogram per liter), so when it is stored in large quantities it adds substantial weight to your vessel, reduces fuel economy and occupies precious space.

With a Parker reverse osmosis watermaker on board, however, you can enjoy the security and convenience of a consistent source of fresh, demineralized water. A watermaker provides a potable supply of clean water, which can be used for laundry, dishes, cooking and showering.

The water can also be used to wash down your boat. Demineralized water leaves no spots and eliminates labor-intensive drying time, saving thousands of dollars in rigging and hundreds of hours of labor.

Gone are the days of laboring to conserve water or worrying about contamination. You’ll no longer need to carry gallons of fresh water or endure burdensome trip diversions to obtain it. A Parker watermaker provides peace of mind while enabling you to save valuable time and money.


Selecting a watermaker

It is important to understand that there are different brands and models to consider when evaluating potential watermakers for your marine vessel. The ideal watermaker will provide an exact solution for your needs based on your vessel size, desired features, usage requirements and other factors.

Marine watermakers typically produce from 7 to 283 gallons of water per hour of operation (26 to 1071 liters per hour of operation), or 170 to 6,800 gallons per day (643 to 25,741 liters per day), so it is crucial to select a watermaker that is suited for your demands. 

To determine the gallons per hour rating you will need a watermaker to provide for your application, divide the total gallons of water required per day by the number of hours the watermaker will be used. For example:

190 Gal to be Used per Day / 5 Hrs of Operation per Day = 38 Gal per Hr (900 Gal per Day) Capacity

719 Liters to be Used per Day / 5 Hrs of Operation per Day = 144 Liters per Hr (3,407 Liters per Day) Capacity

Beyond production volume, a range of additional considerations will factor into the decision of selecting the optimal watermaker for your vessel.

  • Vessel size - Vessels of varying sizes can have vastly different freshwater requirements, but Parker offers solutions ideal for small sailboats, massive barges and everything in between.
  • Energy - Parker watermakers are designed to operate with maximum energy efficiency, but power consumption and voltage requirements are dependent on the application. Parker watermakers are available in all common voltage configurations.  Generator size (AC systems)/battery bank (DC systems) requirements vary by model.
  • Noise - Many marine enthusiasts appreciate the sense of peace and serenity found on the open water and Parker watermakers are designed to preserve that experience without sacrificing the luxury of a fresh water supply. While decibel and vibration levels increase as power consumption and output increase, all models are designed to meet minimum noise requirements and many generate little more than a negligible hum that is virtually unnoticeable.
  • Space - Regardless of vessel size, every inch of space on board is important and any techniques or technology that can be used to optimize its use is valuable. Parker manufactures some of the smallest and most compact watermakers on the market, many of which are configured in a horizontal, one-piece frame for simple installation into tight areas.  In addition, Parker also manufactures modular systems designed for separate system component placement. All components within the frame are readily accessible for ease of maintenance.


Interested in a watermaker?


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