Why You Need a Maintenance Plan for Manufacturing Equipment

The Importance of a Maintenance Plan for Manufacturing Equipment_Compressor-Station_Parker Gas Separation and Filtration EMEAIn a manufacturing facility, it is essential that equipment runs at optimum performance, not only to maintain production but also ensure staff safety and product quality. In many cases, when equipment fails, it is due to the fact that the correct service intervals have not been met and/or replacement parts installed are not in line with genuine original manufacturer's specification. 

By employing a scheduled service plan, approved by the original equipment manufacturer, maintenance and operation managers can rest assured that equipment and systems run smoothly. This blog discusses the benefits of implementing a scheduled maintenance plan as well as the importance of choosing the right equipment to ensure uninterrupted production.

Benefits of a maintenance plan 

  • Significantly reduce the probability of catastrophic equipment failure.
  • Prevent major repairs by catching issues early.
  • Extend system and component life.
  • Reduce insurance claims.
  • Ensure worker safety.
  • Reduce energy costs by ensuring machinery runs at maximum efficiency.
  • Prevent costly, unscheduled repairs.
  • Identify parts that need to be replaced before a breakdown occurs.
  • Eliminate delayed shipments due to production interruptions.
  • Forecast equipment upkeep costs.

Guaranteed performance

Compressed air treatment and industrial gas equipment are vital elements in production machinery operation. Investing in the right equipment and properly maintaining it are critical to uninterrupted production. Some factors to consider when selecting compressed air treatment and industrial gas generation systems include:

  • Compressed air quality
  • Gas purity
  • ISO compliance
  • Third party validation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Warranty
  • Availability of replacement parts
  • Experienced technical service staff

The Importance of a Maintenance Plan for Manufacturing Equipment_NitroSource-Generator_Parker Gas Separation and Filtration EMEAParker’s Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA (GSFE) compressed air treatment and industrial gas products, for example, are designed to maximize uptime in the most effective and energy-efficient way. Parker's compressed air treatment products are Third Party validated to deliver 100% compressed air quality and high efficiency. Parker's industrial nitrogen generation systems feature advanced energy-saving technology for reduced energy consumption. 

Industry-leading extended warranty

Parker GSFE's confidence in its products has led to the introduction of an industry leading 5 year extended warranty across its industrial range of products — in addition to the standard one year guarantee (some exclusions apply but these are clearly defined in the terms of the warranty which is available on request). This unique warranty combined with a maintenance plan provides manufacturers with the peace of mind that equipment will operate reliably and efficiently — allowing them to concentrate on what really matters.

Replacement parts at no cost

With a maintenance plan in place, businesses can easily forecast their equipment upkeep costs and, with Parker’s extended warranty, be sure that they will be entitled to replacement parts free of charge without any complicated process or tiresome insurance claims. What’s more, the warranty itself is free, by simply registering their new products within 180 days of invoicing and signing up to an approved suppliers service plan, owners of Parker GSFE equipment can be assured of a lifetime of efficient operation.

You’re in good hands

All Parker approved service technicians are continually trained to the highest standards and will always guarantee that genuine Parker spares and consumables are used. Also, with the additional benefit of being able to call upon their expert advice and knowledge of industry standards, you can be assured that your process is working to its full potential. 

Once the product is installed and the service plan is agreed, all that is required is the minimal input of some important information via the warranty portal. To make things as simple as possible, this information can be provided by either the product owner or the Parker partner who will carry out the scheduled service. Once registered, simply continue with the day to day operations, safe in the knowledge that your process is assured.


The Importance of a Maintenance Plan for Manufacturing Equipment_Parker-Extended-Warranty-Brochure_Parker Gas Separation and Filtration EMEAFor more information please download our extended warranty brochure, or contact your approved distributor or local Parker sales office.








This article was contributed by the compressed air and gas treatment technology  team, Parker Gas Separation and Filtration EMEA




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